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Your personal code search engine
20 (public only) 40 (public and private) 100 (public and private)
    Indexing and reindexing priority
Default Higher Highest
    Filter on fileextensions
    Filter on repository names
    Filter on detected language
    Filter on last modified date (before/after)
    Filter on file creation date (before/after)
    Filter on your own tags
Catch all emails your applications sends and verify they are correct
    Email limit
10 emails, automatic rolling 50 emails, automatic rolling 200 emails, automatic rolling
    Webmail client
Multifile code snippets, save your golden code nuggets here
    Product included but in BETA
10 code recipes 50 code recipes 200 code recipes
Easy to use Time tracker with multiple customers and projects
    Administer customers and projects
    Register hours and minutes spent
    Flexible reports to help you invoice

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