This is a cropped demo - some features are removed since it requires an account and subscription.
Some things (interactive prompt, editor etc) doesn't work in phones - you are not to supposed to do programming in your phone anyway This also uses a SLOW, public server so you overall performance will be a lot better in real life
And you will be logged out already after 10 minutes!

Add RazorPage and implement Repository

When you open the Exercise through the button below you will be presented with a Razorpage application and Visual Studio Code .

First create a new menuitem. "Hockey" should be placed to the right of Home and Privacy

Create a IHockeyRepository - and it should contain a function, IEnumerable GetAll().

Implement the interface and have it hardcoded return three players.

Create a new Razor page. It should call the repository and then render a page like


You need to create Pagemodel classes inside your Razorpage. It's NOT good practice to render the Repository class ( Player) directly

Just close the Exercise windows when done. You can come back here and continue from where you left

Press the "Update submission" button below - after that a teacher will take a look at your work
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